Backpacker Tech: 4 Useful Traveller Tech Devices

A growing number of professionals are going international – taking their career to new heights while they move around the globe. Many are technology workers; knowledge workers blessed with favourable working conditions and the ability to get things done from almost every corner of the globe.

But what fun is life without technology? With most workplaces incorporating hundreds of devices and a literal mish-mash of shiny applications, taking your career on the road can often be quite a difficult transition. These four devices are our personal favourites – pieces of technology that have helped us work remotely – and we can’t recommend them highly enough to other remote workers and frequent travellers.

Canon G11Canon Powershot G11

Speak to any serious traveller about cameras and you’ll end up with hundreds of recommendations, some slim and compact, and others bulky and professional-focused. The Canon G11 is far from the greatest camera on the market when it comes to form factor or quality, but it offers one of the best combinations possible for long-term travellers.

HD video, an adjustable lens, and amazing depth-of-field make this our favourite travel-focused camera. While the unit’s design could be slimmer, we’re not particularly worried; next to a dSLR the Powershot G11 is waifish and sleek.

Macbook Pro 13Apple Macbook Pro 13

Apple’s new Macbook Pro is here, and it’s every bit as powerful as expected. With a redesigned processor and the same ultra-strong aluminium shell we’ve grown to appreciate, the new Macbook Pro is equal parts rugged and immensely power.

It’s also particularly travel-friendly, boasting a ten-hour battery life and one of the quickest boot sequences of any notebook computer. Long haul flights and lengthy train journeys are non-issues; the Macbook Pro 13’s battery provides ample work time and enough juice for three feature films in a row.

Samsung Galaxy SSamsung Galaxy S

Touted as the ‘ultimate’ smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S has yet to arrive on UK shores. True phone buffs and high-tech travellers, however, are welcome to order the phone from Germany, where it’s currently available for the painful sum of £550.

Despite the truly ludicrous retail price, the Galaxy S is one Android handset we have no qualms about recommending. Boasting a 1GHz processor and 720p HD video capture, this is one media-based smartphone which could quickly find itself acting as your go-to call centre and video camera.

Kensington Power InverterKensington Power Inverter

International travellers are very familiar with the annoyances that can pop up while travelling with electronic devices. Different voltages, bizarre plug styles, and unreliable connections can make recharging your devices a major headache, and occasionally a safety risk.

The Kensington Power Inverter takes the stress out of charging your devices. By plugging into your car’s cigarette lighter, you’ll be able to charge all of your devices smoothly while travelling by road. Or, if you prefer to travel without a vehicle, the Power Inverter can be coupled with other adapter devices, giving you uniform and reliable charging no matter where in the world you may be.

Mozbot Team

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