This Week in Tech: E3 Announcements, Touch Screen Netbooks, and iPhone Madness

Nintendo 3DS Press ConferenceAh, nothing beats a high-tech summer. While the coolest months typically attract shopping events and major product revisions, it’s the summer months that tend to contain the coolest tech industry announcements and releases. This year’s is set to be particularly interesting, with Cupertino giant Apple Inc. releasing a new phone and gaming giant Nintendo showcasing their latest gadget.

So sit back and enjoy one of our most comprehensive This Week in Tech round ups yet. Each of the events below has been covered in greater detail independently, but if you’re short on time and high on tech industry anxiety, this is the best place to be.

Want to buy an iPhone? AT&T isn’t going to let you.

Apple’s latest iPhone 4 has been a hit with tech journalists. The device is the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone, boasting an enhanced touchscreen and one of the most impressive video recording systems we’ve seen on a mobile.

However, it’s caused nothing but frustration for eager Apple buyers. American mobile broadband network AT&T has reportedly been cancelling iPhone 4 pre-orders due to limited stock and online ordering issues. Customers have had their charges partially refunded, along with a rather formulaic “your iPhone order has been cancelled” email message.

Nintendo’s 3DS gets serious.

We were beyond excited when we first heard about Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS mobile gaming console. The device is one of the first three-dimensional gaming systems, and given Nintendo’s reputation for innovation it was bound to be a winner.

But even the most serious Nintendo hater would have trouble talking down the system’s legendary release schedule. With Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, and Pilotwings due for release alongside the 3DS itself, this could be the first gaming system which draws ex-gamers back into the industry.

Toshiba’s Libretto W100 brings touchscreen computing to the masses.

Don’t want a tablet or a netbook? Toshiba may have a solution. The Japanese consumer electronics giant recently announced the Libretto W100 – a dual-screen netbook with two user-controlled touch screens for input. The device will get a limited release later on this year.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be picking it up immediately. This neat piece of kit is surprisingly agile and usable, especially given its unique construction and bizarre input method. If a netbook is too bland and an iPad too limited, this could be the best device to pick up.

IOS 4 is due for release this week.

Apple discussion boards have been alight with discussion of the Cupertino-based company’s most recent mobile operating system: iOS 4. New features include multitasking and greater customization options, alongside a string of technical fixes and software performance increases.

The operating system is due for release tomorrow evening, although Apple enthusiasts have pushed around ideas of it seeing an early release to online developer communities. We’ll be pushing the new OS to our iPhones shortly after its release, aiming to test new multitasking and calling features.

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