HTC Unveil Cut-Price Wildfire To Burgeoning Product Range

The new HTC Wildfire is a smartphone for those of you on a tight budget that doesn’t hold back on any of the specs. Running on Android’s latest 2.1 update and with the user friendly HTC sense UI, it is keeping up with all the big money smartphones like the Desire or HD2.  

There is one instant flaw about the Wildfire – the low resolution screen, which for the hard of sight may make reading websites rather tricky and leave you squinting. It can also be occasionally slow when responding to taps on the ‘multi-touch’ screen, but at such a low price and its similarity to the HTC Desire in looks you can’t really complain as it is a top notch handset at a hugely reasonable price.

HTC can be forgiven for these downfalls as the phone offers so much in the way of software and hardware features, like HTC caller ID that shows the callers’ Facebook status and a birthday reminder and when someone who you don’t particularly want to speak to is ringing you, just flip the handset over and the ringtone gets muted, so basically you can pretend like they didn’t even ring. Perfect dodge tactics.

With its similarity to the Desire you can say that it is certainly a budget phone in a pricier handset’s body. A bit like a nice looking car on the outside without all the mod cons on the inside. This is definitely a handset for smartphone lovers that simply cannot afford one of the Wildfire’s bigger and better ‘brothers’ like the Desire, or the HD2, with tariffs starting from as little as £15 per month.

Mozbot Team

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Batteries not included.