Mini iPads In Time For Christmas?

Rumours suggest Apple will release two new versions of their Apple iPad in tme for the festive season! Apparently, Steve Jobs and his cronies are lining up two smaller versions of the device, a 5.6 inch version and a 7 inch version, compared to the 9.7 inch version that is available now.

It is understandable that people are going to doubt this EVER happening let alone just a few months after the release of the original model yet the folks at Digitimes seem to think that Apple will indeed be rolling out two new forms of the iPad with OLED displays in time for Christmas. Parents rejoice…

Like most things Apple turn their hand to, the iPad has become a worldwide hit. It took 28 days for Apple to sell its first million iPads, 31 days to sell the second million, and 21 days to sell the third. 80 million were sold in the first 80 days – equating to an iPad sold ever 2.3 seconds.

Critics will say if you really want a smaller iPad, then you can buy an iPod touch, which is virtually identical to the iPad and has more or less all the same features.

We’ll wait for more info – leave your comments below…

Mozbot Team

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