UK, Youtube and everything else!

The innovation keeps taking place in the market. New phones, new features or new services are introduced at every small interval of time. People using iPhones or Android will be able to access YouTube faster by using HTML5.

This service will be available in UK, Europe and Middle East. This would increase the speed at which people can use YouTube on their mobile phones. This launch is growing very quickly. The site gets at least 100 m video screening in a day. This was reported by Google. Watching videos on mobiles has increased by 160 per cent in the year 2009 within a span of a year. The screening of videos that used to take a lot of time can now be done quickly using HTML5.

The US version for this service started last month. Today UK screens the maximum number of videos on YouTube using their mobile devices. People from France, Italy are just a step behind for the consumption of video on their mobile phones.

Earlier YouTube was launched in 2007 and was using the application Adobe Flash for the screening. WebKit is used by Apple for the same purpose. The reason this change was made was due to the growing demand of YouTube on the mobile phone.

Today technology has brought everything to our fingertips. It has made things very easy for us and improved our standard of living. UK has a huge demand for any upcoming technology. UK has a huge customer base for internet which is required to visit YouTube. This can also be accessed by going to public places like coffee shops and other restaurants to use Wi-Fi. Most of the handsets allow the use of Wi-Fi. This solves the problem of internet and lets customers surf leisurely for hours on YouTube and other such sites.

Mozbot Team

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