ZTE in the UK market

There has been tremendous growth in the sale of mobile phones, especially in UK. Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, ZTE reported that there sales have increased by 150 per cent in Europe in the first half of this year. The sale mark of the 1 millionth mobile handset was made in UK.

ZTE is not a very popular company in the UK, but they are growing steadily. They intend to make a place for itself in the global market. The company has sold more than 28 million handsets and around 17 million of them were sold outside China. These remarkable figures are from the first half of this year.

Not only did the company sell 1 million of these handsets in Europe they also did the same in France. They joined hands with the top service providers in Europe and formed a huge customer base for themselves. ZTE makes custom made Android smart phones and WCDMA mobile phones.

ZTE is also making a move on US market. They have made an agreement with a service provider, Verizon to produce handsets. ZTE has produced almost 10 types of Android handsets. This also includes Android Racer, Link and X850 mobile phones. These phones were copied by the company H3G in UK. Android Racer was very popular and weighed 100 grams. It was supported by the 2.1 version of the OS and included 600 MHz internal processor. The phone supports both the technology of Wi-Fi and 3G. They have features of Google which includes, Google Map and Google Search.

ZTE is also in a partnership with Microsoft and they are working together to develop Windows Phone 7.0 product. They together launched WM6.5 handset in October last year in Portugal and few other countries. These handsets are easily available and are being sold at a very affordable price.

Mozbot Team

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