O2 broadband deals

O2 is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the UK. It is very popular and has a huge customer base. O2 has come up with a new broadband service on the phone for their loyal customers. This third generation mobile broadband deal will let people use internet at a very cheap rate of £5 a month.

To activate this broadband service the handsets requires something called a mobile broadband dongle. This can be purchased for a low cost of £20. O2 does not require the users to make a plan for more than 30 days at a time. They can easily renew the plan after the term is over.

The mobile broadband limits the usage of this service at 500 Mega Bytes per month. This provides the users with adequate hours of browsing, and a few music and video downloads per month. The broadband can be used even after the limit is reached. After the first 500 MB of data, 2.4 p is charged for every Mega Byte. They also include Wi-Fi which has no limit what so ever. This can be accessed by the users from BT Openzone and Cloud. They have 7500 outlets in UK.

The internet usage in UK is very high. According to a survey, it was reported to have increased for a long time and it shows that it will continue to grow exponentially. More than 80 per cent of adults in UK use the internet. The availability of this feature on handsets makes it even more popular. The handset being a portable medium increases the use of internet a lot. This increases the sale of mobile phones further. The mobile broadband service, at such a reasonable rate, provides the customers with the use of Web at their fingertips. It makes their life simpler and improves their standard of living.

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