Automatic network coverage

Starting from 5th of October 2010, customers of Orange and T mobile will be able to switch from one network to another according to convenience. This is a celebration of first anniversary of the merger between the two companies. Both provide services to a huge number of people across UK. So at the beginning customers will be requested to “opt in” for this special service, so that it can be checked whether all kinds of handsets are able to handle this change of service provider from time to time. If the handsets cant then appropriate measures will be taken. From the beginning of the year 2011, the customer will no longer be required to “opt in” but the switching will happen on its own. The handset should automatically be able to pick up the signal from that network which is the strongest in any particular area, irrespective of the original network to which the user had subscribed into. The promotional tag line for this new scheme is: Everything Everywhere.

Not only will the network coverage selection be automatic, also it will be applicable to other services provided by these networks like Wi-Fi and the new High Definition Voice introduced by Orange just recently. All these services will be available within these special roaming services. All this should be done as effortlessly as possible. This is with regards to the fact that the quality of the services provided is equally important.

The reaction of the people will be analyzed from October till the end of 2010, before they make it a more permanent affair. However the response is expected to be highly enthusiastic, as people in UK have always welcomed new ideas. UK being one of the leading countries in the mobile market , many new services are first launched there and then spread to other nations.

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