Gambling in Mobiles

The market for Mobile phones is very competitive and it has a huge customer base. The companies keep coming up with new features and applications on the phone to keep customers happy. The mobile devices have started a new application which allows the customers to gamble using their handsets.

The gambling has increased and according to the analysts and the pot will keep getting bigger. According to a report by Britain’s Juniper Research, gambling will exceed $ 48 billion in a year by 2015. The highest gambling transaction today takes place in Japan Racing Association called iPAT, followed by the services provided in UK. These two countries are responsible for largest percentage of the gambling that takes place, as reported by the Mobile Gambling Markets.

The Canadian Press also reported that a new feature launched in China market by VODone called mobile lottery service will soon push China in the third place. The US market is still waiting for their first mobile lottery service to begin. This is at a standstill because US legislative law prohibits such services at the moment. The changes are going to be made official soon and will benefit mobile casino operators in the US.

The mobile phone company, Apple is also including application on their handset to allow gambling. The internet based gambling sites are more popular than the applications provided for the same.

Gambling is becoming a new trend amongst the youth. The internet was the main arena for people to come in contact to gamble. With this service on mobile handsets, gambling is going to increase. It is going to bring the table at everyone’s fingertips. The pot is expected to rise. It can not be decided yet if this service is a boon or a drawback. This may have serious social impact on the society.

Mozbot Team

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