Apple iPhone 5 Rumours…

Everyone who has an ounce of sense about them will have noticed the trend that Apple have of releasing a new iPhone every summer, so going off this we can safely assume that there will be an Apple iPhone 5 released this summer. So what can we expect from this new Apple handset when it gets released? At the minute we have nothing solid at all on the latest handset from Apple but there are a few rumours flying about and also, we have received news that Apple have finally given in to the Jail-breaking scene and have in a roundabout way given the green light to jail-broken iPhones for the time being. So if you were beginning to get a little worried about the US Govt. coming to find you after orders from Apple then you may for now, rest easy.

There are one or two rumours that have been floating about recently about the new iPhone 5, some of which are of course believable and others that are quite obviously just not in the slightest believable, like one we heard not so long ago, that the iPhone 5 will be made entirely out of meat! Well as ‘great’ as Apple are, we severely doubt that they’d be able to make a handset that is made completely out of meat. This would have the market value that equates to the square root of, well nothing to be honest. So for any apple boffins reading this, I’d advise against that one!

There are on the other hand, plenty of believable rumours about the main one being that the iPhone 5 will just be somewhat of an evolutionary phone, like the iPhone 3GS was to the iPhone 3G. But all we can do now is bring in the new year with our iPhone 4’s and wait until June/July to see what Apple have in store for our next piece in the rather big puzzle that is the iPhone.

Mozbot Team

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