Teaming Up of Broadband Providers Increase More Choices Across More Locations

Marketing communications corporation Everything Everywhere has revealed the starting up of six dual-branded Orange and T-Mobile stores as part of a landmark trial.
The store locations will be in Tooting, Palmers Green, Hertford, Bridgend, Weston-Super-Mare as well as Dorchester.
The test takes the form of a concession-within-store structure, thus for the three Best Broadband T-Mobile shops, you will see an Orange concession within promoting the very best deals, plans as well as products from Orange.
Similarly, within the Orange retailer it will feature the Broadband Providers T-Mobile concession.
Both companies will be firmly displayed inside the window but with the main brand taking the overall lead.
Andrew Coull, VP of Retail at Everything Everywhere, said: “Our 720 strong retail footprint is at the heart beat of Everything Everywhere and we are really excited about our growth plans. Both the franchise and dual branded trials give us an amazing opportunity to extend our reach into new places and importantly give our customers even more choice in existing locations.”
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