Get your pen and paper ready to go back to school… with Snoop Dogg and MySpace

On the music front it’s all been a bit quiet recently for Snoop Dogg he’s had a few cameo roles in the odd film and apparently is really interested in getting a slot in Coronation Street, he’s also had a few cameo roles on some songs like one of Katy Perry’s smash summer anthems from last year; California Girls. He also played at Glastonbury last summer. During his set he performed his remix of UK grime artist Tinie Tempah’s number 1 smash hit, Pass Out live on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury one of the most famous, notorious stages at the festival.

He sort of went from strength to strength last year, and it seemed like he couldn’t put a foot wrong. Then he announced that he was going to be exclusively releasing his new album (albeit the clean versions of his songs) on MySpace. Yes, not exactly a huge disaster, but the fact that in 2006 MySpace lost over 10 million users in one month means one thing, and one thing only. Facebook happened.

Facebook isn’t anything like what MySpace is nowadays. MySpace is more of a musical hub whereas Facebook is more like a social hub so if you think about it, it kind of makes sense for him to have released it on MySpace because it’s probably going to get more exposure than if he put it on Facebook.

Whilst we’re on the subject of music and again, to some of you it may seem quite old school but we all remember Limewire, right? Well recently there’s 13 music record labels trying to sue Limewire, claiming that they owe them between $400 billion and $75 trillion! This to me seems quite rediculous, even if people globally were using it, there’s no way that they can try and sue them for that ungodly amount of money! The case thankfully was laughed at by the judge hearing the case by saying that the request was “absurd”.


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