INQ Cloud Q is a QWERTY Messaging Phone with Facebook

Even though there have been plenty of high-end smartphones today, none have been focusing on the social networking aspect as they should have been. This has led to the rise of the social networking category of phones and at the top of the three in this segment will be the INQ Cloud Touch. This is the touch screen phone that will be offering excellent social networking capabilities, but it is not going to be the only aspect that this phone will be focusing on since the phone has plenty of other features as well that will be of great interest to the general public.

The INQ Cloud Touch will be coming with a touch screen display that measures 3.5 inches in size. If you thought that this screen will be enough to convince you to buy this phone, then you who will be left speechless if you take a look at the fact that the screen will be capable of displaying the images at a resolution of up to 320 by 480 pixels. This high amount of resolution along with the fact that it can hold up to 256K colours in this display will certainly put this phone at the top of the ratings in the hearts of people. The usage of the accelerometer and the proximity sensor seems to be extremely good given that this is a midrange smartphone. The accelerometer will be used for automatically switching the display, while the proximity sensor will be used to turn off the display automatically.

The INQ Cloud Touch is going to come with limited amount of entertainment features, but that will be no decrease in the amount of social networking support that is provided in the phone. The social networking support will be present in every single application that you open and this makes the phone one of the best for the purpose of connecting with your friends. To provide easy connectivity to the Internet, which will then facilitate in the connections to the social networking sites, the INQ Cloud Touch will be coming with options like the 3G and Wi-Fi in addition to Bluetooth and microUSB. While the former two will be taking care of the Internet connectivity, the latter two will be focusing on connecting this phone to other devices that might be near the phone. The INQ Cloud Touch is going to provide 4 MB of internal memory, which may sound to be a little less. Hence, the company is providing the INQ Cloud Touch with a 4 GB memory card.

This, however, is not the maximum amount of memory that you can add in the INQ Cloud Touch. One can add up to 8 GB in the INQ Cloud Touch, which should be more than sufficient for storing a lot of entertainment files like movies and songs. The INQ Cloud Touch will be able to play back each and every one of them due to the powerful 1300 mAh battery. The phone will be launched on April 6th in the UK.

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