Think iPads and Tablet PCs are this Year’s Big Thing, Think Again

Manufacturers are talking up tablet PCs as if no other gadget mattered, while tech sites can’t get enough of the new tablet PC format. But do the public care? Apparently not, according to the latest consumer survey from Broadband Genie.

When asked, ‘Will you buy a tablet or iPad in 2011?”, almost 75 per cent said ‘no’ – with the vast majority of those not even considering one as an option. Just nine per cent answered definitely, only rising to 20 per cent “if the price was right”.

Broadband Genie editor Chris Marling said: “Instead of becoming the super selling phenomenon many predicted, it’s looking as if tablet PCs will be more of a slow burner.

Right now, with even cheap devices falling into the £300+ price bracket, many people can’t justify the cost. Tablets PC’s and iPads simply don’t adequately replace a laptop/netbook or smartphone in the vast majority of cases. Also, they serve no real purpose of their own.“However, the touchscreen form factor is a huge hit and the use of apps and widgets is also massively popular. But for now, there aren’t enough of them designed specifically with tablets in mind. For this reason, as prices come down and the range of uses goes up, we see them becoming more popular in the long term, rather than short term.”

Survey results: Will you buy a tablet or iPad in 2011?

Yes, definitely 9.00%
Yes, if price right 11.80%
Maybe 6.30%
No, but in future 9.50%
Definitely not 63.50%

(1,139 respondents, February/March 2011)

Mozbot Team

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