UK are social networking butterflies

The UK really enjoy accessing social networks via mobile phones, a survey has revealed.

TNS Mobile Life 2011, has conducted market research resulting in 25000 hours of interviews with more than 34000 consumers in 43 countries and aged between 16 and 60, and said survey shows that when it comes to social networking via mobile, Britain is the highest raked Western country with in excess of 11 million people accessing social networks whilst on the move.

TSH Technology group director, Stephen Yap commented:“TNS Mobile Life 2011 reveals how mobile technology is transforming the lives of Britons at an unprecedented pace. With social networking emerging as a killer application, mobile content and applications have never been more important. Handset makers and operators take note: it’s no longer just about the device or the network, but rather what people are doing and downloading.”

The survey found that 16 percent, or 5.5 million Britons access social networks every day from their mobile and apparently that figure is set to rise, as 41 percent of UK mobile users aren’t social networking via their mobile are interested in doing so.

When it comes to downloading apps, the UK is also top in Europe with 31 percent, downloading games with 26 percent and watching social video’s with 29 percent.

However, surprisingly the UK lag behind Europe when it comes to the world of tablets. Even with the recent launch of the Apple iPad 2, Britons are not as interested as their European counterparts with just 17 percent interested in purchasing a tablet compared to 28 percent of Europe, and 31 percent of Asia.

Mozbot Team

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