HTC 7 Trophy is the Ultimate Gaming Phone

The HTC 7 Trophy is a Windows phone that is currently available from the HTC line-up. It is a phone that is extremely good in terms of every feature that it comes with and not to mention the latest Windows operating system that is also present in this phone. It is definitely a major change from the Windows Mobile operating system that was earlier used in the Windows phones. It is now the Windows Phone 7 operating system that was recently announced by Microsoft, which is featured in this new phone.

The HTC 7 Trophy is a phone that is going to be present with a touch screen display that measures 3.8 inches in size, which is really spectacular for any mobile phone let alone a Windows mobile phone. The large touch screen display will be present in the HTC 7 Trophy supporting a maximum resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. This really makes a huge difference when it comes to the task of displaying high definition images on the large touch screen display. It will also be able to support multiple touches due to the presence of the capacitive technology. It is using the Super LCD technology in order to display all the images, which is not only powerful at doing this, but also efficient.

The HTC 7 Trophy is going to be coming with an internal memory of 8 GB, which is going to be used to the full extent given that there is no option for extending the memory further by using memory cards. However, it 8 GB memory card itself will be able to accommodate up to 3000 songs in it without much trouble, it is all the entertainment that you will be needing when it is coming to the need of entertainment from a mobile phone. The real party piece of the HTC 7 Trophy has to be the operating system and the way in which it is delivered in this new phone from HTC. The Windows operating system will be similar in all the phone is that it has been introduced recently, but it will be available in the different manner than the HTC 7 Trophy due to the employment of options that will be adding new animations to this operating system.

The HTC 7 Trophy will be using a 1 GHz processor that this very similar to the likes of the processor that is used in the other Windows phones, but the ample amount of power that is present in the reserve means that this processor will be able to handle the additional animations without much trouble. The HTC 7 Trophy the screen to be assisted by the presence of 576 MB of RAM internally. The seizure just a five megapixel camera that is going to be coming with features like LED flash and HD video recording will certainly make a difference in the Windows phone. The HTC 7 Trophy is available on the Vodafone network for £ 20 per month.

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