The HTC Wildfire – the budget smartphone, but how good is it?

Essentially a smaller version of the Desire that is aimed at the budget market, the HTC Wildfire is a pretty impressive machine.

It does it all!

What is impressive is that the Wildfire features pretty much all that its bigger brother offers yet at an amazingly low price. This is something that we were wary of as in general a manufacturer offering a cut price version of a more expensive device does so by losing some of the things that made it attractive in the first instance.

One thing that has been sacrificed is the Desire’s impressive screen; the Wildfire carries a 3.2inch version that is still pretty good and offers excellent clarity, brightness and colour, and that is still bigger than many rivals in the same price bracket. This is a clever touch by HTC and shows that they are not into sacrificing performance for a lower price. The good looking design not only feels great in the hand but is easy to use, helped in no small part by the excellent touch screen capability and the well proven and popular operating system.

Android 2.1

The Wildfire runs the same Android 2.1 (Éclair) operating system as the Desire, and this is a good thing in many ways. Not only are there many thousands of apps and games but the power of the android system, and its ease of use, is well known. Using HTC Sense to bring the interface to the fore – again as done in the Desire – the Wildfire offers is fantastic.

The makers have clearly paid attention to the current trend for social networking and recognised that the core target audience will be looking at this as a selling point, and there is a lot to be said about the seamless and efficient way the OS reacts with HTC Sense to bring a stylish finish to navigating and using the phone. This sleek and powerful phone comes with phone contracts with free laptop which are great money savers if you’re planning on buying these 2 gadgets.

Camera and Sound

A five megapixel camera is pretty much standard in this region of the price range and this one is pretty good; autofocus and flash are present but be aware that video calling is not available. The music player is pretty good and equates to all the digital formats, and a useful 3.5mm jack is a welcome sign. Internet connectivity is excellent – 7.2Mbps is pretty quick downloading for a phone in this price bracket – and the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also supported, along with many other impressive features.

So what’s the verdict?

A great effort all round; HTC has managed to provide a top class performing phone at a knock down price by using the basis of the successful Desire and not losing any of the functionality. There is very little that is negative about the HTC Wildfire. compiles and hand picks top mobile phone offers from around the country. For UK consumers looking to compare iPhone deals or for cheap mobile contracts, it is an ideal destination.


Mozbot Team

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