Samsung Galaxy S2 set to be top phone in 2011

A brilliant new Samsung Galaxy S II is the phone that is on everyone’s mind right now since it is the phone that is going to be introducing a number of new features that have not been previously seen in the mobile phone industry. The Samsung Galaxy S introduced a number of features, but most of them have been outdated by the launch of a number of new phones in the industry today, but the Samsung Galaxy S II will be taking the features of the Samsung phone to a new level. It is also going to be extremely attractive to look at.

The Samsung Galaxy S II will be first improving the touch screen display that was seen in the Samsung Galaxy S. It is going to introduce the 4.3 inch display that will become the best in terms of both the screen size and in terms of the technology due to the presence of the Super AMOLED Plus technology in the phone. This is the one that is being spoken of highly by many due to the fact that it is a technology that has been developed from the Super AMOLED that was present in the Samsung Galaxy S. It was thought to be one of the best when it comes to supporting high levels of display brightness, but the Samsung Galaxy S II has taken things to a new level with the latest technology.
The Samsung Galaxy S II is a phone that is going to be offering 16 GB and 32 GB option phone comes to the internal memory and this is going to be added to the 32 GB of memory card support that is standard with the phone. If there’s one thing that will be a major improvement from the original Samsung Galaxy S, then it will be the dual core 1 GHz processor that is present in the phone. It is going to be using the 1 GB of RAM that is also present to the maximum effect. This means that the Android 2.3 operating system that is present from start will be extremely delightful to operate due to the impressive performance provided by the processor.

The TouchWiz user interface makes light weight of the complex features present in the Android operating system. The Samsung Galaxy S II will be coming with an eight megapixel camera that is going to have the capability of full HD 1080 p video recording, which was possible only in the competitive products up until now. The Samsung Galaxy S had only the 720 p video recording option, which is considered to be standard only for the mid-range smartphone segment. Hence, the 1080 p video recording option is the best feature for the segment that the Samsung Galaxy S II is going to be present in. The Samsung Galaxy S II will be available from mid-April onwards for around £ 35 per month on contract options from networks provide as like Orange and Vodafone.

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