Samsung harasses Apple about iPhone 5 details; surely it should be the punters?

We all know that for the last few years Apple have had a little bit of a routine when it comes to announcing details about the next instalment of iPhone. It tends to be around June/July time when they announce the eagerly anticipated info, however this year all we got was an announcement about the next iOS. Well as you can imagine a lot of people weren’t happy about this, none more so than Samsung!

Yes that’s right, Samsung! Who’d have thought that Samsung would be bothered by what their rivals are producing? Well it seems that Samsung are quite bothered. Apple have said that their rivals, Samsung have been harassing them into releasing details about their secret plans for the next iPhone and the iPad 3.

In all fairness, there is a lawsuit that is currently going on to try and determine whether Samsung’s Galaxy range has been influenced by Apple’s iPhone range and a judge has forced the Korean tech giants to show their upcoming range of handsets and in retaliation the Korean giants have demanded that Apple show their plans for future devices, however Apple are now calling it harassment.

Make of this what you will but we could soon be treated to a bit of info about the new iPhone! Fingers crossed guys!


Mozbot Team

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