General Motors Unveil The EN-V Pride

The latest edition to the world of motoring has been released and it’s safe to say that General Motors’ latest offering adds something a little different to the mix.

GM have unveiled their brand new two-wheeled electric car – and yes, you read it right. Shaped like a bubble and reminiscent of a motorcycle sidecar, the EN-V Pride has been designed for small journeys within cities and is balanced by gyroscopes and designed to hold up to two people.

The name EN-V (Electrically networked Vehicle) means that the car is able to communicate with cars around it and electronic objects such as traffic lights and pedestrian crossings; this is done using various antennas and cameras which combine to ensure a safe journey.

The owner can even program a desired destination and the car will effectively drive itself to that location – for example for parents who want the car to drop their children off at school and then return to take them to work, it is perfect, as children are able to travel alone in the car without a driving license.

Although many people won’t have enough confidence in the technology to program a location and let it drive them there its still a feature which shows promise. With a top speed of 25mph and a top distance of around 25 miles before recharging is needed, it is definitely not a car which is suitable for every need, but for short journeys in a busy city it could prove a useful investment.

Overall a real advance in electric cars, and this technology, if not currently, will be highly important as it is becoming inevitable that electronic cars will play a significant part in the future of transport.


Mozbot Team

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Batteries not included.