Maxell Releases Wireless Charging Products for iPhone 4

Maxell have rolled out their own very first Qi (pronounced Chee) Compatible Wireless Charging Mat and Sleeve.

Maxell Europe Limited, the technology brand innovator is happy to announce the European release of their fresh Air Voltage, Wireless Qi Charging Mat and Qi Charging Sleeve for iphone 4 (sleeve sold separately). These new products conform to the Qi Wireless Charging Specifications, a universal technology standard which has now already been used by many manufacturers to enable wireless charging with Qi compatible gadgets.

Air Voltage Wireless Qi Charging Mat Air Voltage Wireless Qi Charging Sleeve for apple iphone 4 Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. was the very first company in Japan to release this product, together with positive results, and now Maxell is going to be making this available to Europe the very first time from October 2011.

Using the rise in popularity of smartphones, users frustratingly have to charge numerous digital products, however with the Air Voltage variety consumers are now able to charge their apple iphone 4 without needing to put it inside a docking station or charge off their computer. Simply place the actual apple iphone 4 in to the Charging Sleeve, place the mobile phone onto the Charging Mat and then the phone charges automatically and wirelessly!

You can also use the individual Wireless Charging Sleeve as an daily iphone 4 protecting sleeve too so you don’t have to worry about taking your mobile phone in and out. When your mobile phone is within the sleeve, stick it on the Wireless Charging Mat and go… Effortless!

Maxell has discovered that as much as eighty various leading electronic devices producers have started to embrace the Qi technology standard within their product range so this indicates a thrilling future of Qi compatible products across the next year, with Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. already commencing to produce additional Qi compatible accessories which may be used with the Wireless Charging mat along with long term Qi-enabled equipment as well.

• Wireless Qi Charging Mat Suggested Retail Price (SRP) = £59.99 / €79.99

• Wireless Qi Charging Sleeve Recommended Retail Price (SRP) = £36.99/ €49.99
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Batteries not included.