Pottermore Gives Fans Something to Look Forward to After Film Finale

Although the Harry Potter film and book franchise is now over there’s no need for fans to go into a state of depression, interactive website Pottermore will be unveiled at the end of this month.

Pottermore will give fans access to both previously visited and brand new material about the characters, places, plots and concepts in Harry Potter.

According to JK Rowling the website is primarily intended for extended Potter based reading, however in Pottermore, whilst reading, fans are able to interactively experience similar events to those which occur in the books. These include purchasing Wizarding equipment in Diagon Alley and taking a virtual train journey to Hogwarts.

The site has been developed by the digital creative agency ‘Th_nk’ and is sponsored by ‘Sony’, fans will be able to register to and access the site on 31 July. Even before the Pottermore project was officially announced last month it had over 90,000 followers on twitter.

So with fans worldwide recovering from the final Harry Potter film, the Deathly Hallows part 2, the opening of Pottermore is being eagerly anticipated.

Mozbot Team

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