Sony Bravia CX523 Review

The Sony Bravia CX523 is one of the new competitively priced LCD televisions from Sony, with a 32-inch screen that is capable of displaying full 1080p high-definition. Although this TV is relatively thick in comparison to similar models (at 70 mm thick), it still has a pristine, classy appearance when viewed from the front.

Unlike many other “budget” televisions, the Sony Bravia CX523 does not lack in connectivity, with four HDMI ports, various component inputs, an Ethernet socket, and two USB ports. One of the most appealing aspects of the Sony Bravia CX523 is the simplified navigation and functionality provided in its home menu, which utilizes a scrolling bar at the bottom to provide easy access to all features.

The set also has an integrated Freeview HD tuner that allows you to view high-definition broadcasts from channels like ITV, Channel 4, and the BBC without installing an external HD box. Another interesting feature is the TrackID option, which allows you to identify the song name and artist of any song that you hear during programming, a movie, or a commercial. After you press the TrackID button the television will take a snippet of the song and compare it to a massive media library to find the artist and song name within seconds.

The Sony Bravia CX523 also has a built-in X-Reality Picture Engine that upscales the quality of standard definition programming by increasing sharpness and other visual aspects. While it is not capable of turning standard definition images into high-definition, it does make standard programming a lot more enjoyable to watch.

In fact, the built-in dialogue speakers are surprisingly powerful and offer both depth and clarity, being loud enough to fill an average room with sound without distorting. At only £400 the Sony Bravia CX523 is still packed with a plethora of useful features, including integrated support for online media libraries like YouTube and the BBC iPlayer.

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