iPhone 4S Sales Top 4 Million in First Weekend!

As you all know, the iPhone 4S was released to the world on Friday and over the first weekend of sales, there was well in excess of 4 million handsets sold. That’s a lot of handsets and that’s a hell of a lot of iPhones in the world.

There’s a lot of apparently “new” features on the iPhone 4S, but other than the obvious new and improved camera, the faster A5 processor, the all new iOS 5 and finally the big one that seems to be the main selling point for a lot of people, Siri.

What is Siri?

If you don’t know what Siri is, it is basically your own little assistant in your phone. You can ask it an abundance of different things and the vast majority of them it will carry out for you.

Ask it anything from setting your alarms in the morning for you, or setting a reminder for you. Siri can even find directions for you if you need it too, although I stress this is only available in the US at the minute.

There are many people out there, myself included, who are still the very proud owner of an iPhone 4 and I have no doubt that an awful lot of people have been wondering about how or even if you can get Siri on the iPhone 4. Well it’s not official that you can, but somebody, somewhere out there has managed to get Siri on to the iPhone 4 which just proves that the software is more than capable of running on the iPhone 4.

Will Apple roll this out officially?

We doubt Apple will officially roll this out across the iPhone 4 world as Siri is still only, according to Apple a “beta” version at the minute. That doesn’t mean to say that once Siri is up and running properly on the iPhone 4S that it won’t be made available on the iPhone 4. If you don’t believe that it’s been ported on to the iPhone 4 then why not check out this video and see for yourself!

Mozbot Team

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