No iPhone 5; Instead we got the iPhone 4S

Last week, Apple announced their latest handset, the iPhone 4S. People were somewhat disappointed with this announcement because everyone was expecting there to be a totally new, iPhone 5. Well sorry folks, we’re going to have to make do with a phone that looks exactly the same as the iPhone 4, it’s just a hell of a lot better!

Yes, it’s the same on the outside, but on the inside, under the bonnet it’s a totally different machine. The iPhone 4S comes with the all new Apple A5 Chipset, the main hub of the phone meaning that it is significantly faster than the iPhone 4. Another feature that the iPhone 4S has which sadly the very good iPhone 4 can’t boast is the 1080p HD recording. With its video stabilising, LED Flash and both photo and video geotagging it’s safe to say that the iPhone 4S has a lot more to offer on many more fronts.

With all the problems Apple had last year with the antenna problems when they released iPhone 4, this year with the iPhone 4S they have vastly improved signal quality as I imagine they don’t want a repeat of last year’s fiasco when they had to send out iPhone 4 bumpers to everyone who had purchased their new device.

One other thing on the iPhone 4S that is sure to capture the headlines is the new voice control software, Siri. For those of you who don’t know what exactly it does then you may or may not be blown away by it. It’s pretty much an app for your phone that means you can hold a conversation with it about anything from local restaurants to asking Siri to remind you to buy your wife a birthday card when you leave your workplace. Yes, it is that good that it knows when you leave work. For more on Siri see Apple’s YouTube video on how to use it and the things it is capable of here.

So all in all the iPhone 4S is no doubt a step up from the iPhone 4, but in theory it is only keeping up with the competition from the likes of Samsung and HTC. We do however expect to see many people lining the streets to buy their new handset when it is released later this week, especially seeing as though Apple managed to get people queuing outside their stores for a white version of a 9 month old phone!

Mozbot Team

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