Apple set to announce TWO new handsets?

With the latest Apple conference set to take place tomorrow and the fact the invites were titled “Let’s talk iPhone” is a bit of a giveaway as to what they’re set to be announcing tomorrow.

The rumours have been rife over the last few months about whether we’re going to see a new iPhone or just a tweaked version of the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, but with people claiming to have “leaked” news about the imminent arrival of the iPhone 5 I think the vast majority of people would be surprised to see no iPhone 5 being released.

There are also “leaks” that there is going to be another iPhone device announced. There’s some photo’s doing the rounds from a factory in Brazil. In these pictures apparently is the new iPhone 4S device. This does wash seeing as the device in question does look pretty much exactly the same as the iPhone 4. Could we be seeing two new iPhones?

There are many out there who hope that Apple will be unveiling not one, but two new iPhone handsets. Obviously this would be a first for Apple as they have previously only released one handset at any one time, but there are a lot of things doing the rounds in the rumour mill that there’s going to be an iPhone 4S and 5 released. Also, someone out there is obviously a bit of a big iPhone fan, as they’ve made their own iPhone 5 prototype device.

They will also be talking a little bit about the new iOS which is no doubt going to be on the new handset. The new iOS in question is aptly named ‘iOS 5’ which you would think points to the fact that there’s going to be an iPhone 5 released.

Also, iTunes new beta version which is set to be released on Friday has leaked the iPhone 4S. In its description tag it has the product name ‘iPhone 4S’ which again may throw many people out there off as there’s no mention of the iPhone 5.

So it seems that there’s still no clear news as to what devices are going to be released, so I suppose all we’ll have to do now is wait. Not like we have to wait long though, it’s announced tomorrow!

Mozbot Team

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