Toshiba set to launch “value” 3D TV?

At IFA 2011 in Berlin Toshiba announced that they had a “wallet friendly” 3D TV Series soon to be launched. This, if true and if it was set to be launched soon would be a massive relief to consumers out there who wanted a 3D TV but couldn’t afford to buy one for themselves because of the price.

Also, there may be a glasses-less 3D TV soon to be launched which may be a cheaper TV than the ones that are already out on the market which then means that they will be much more affordable to your average Joe who wants to buy him, or herself a nice, snazzy, new 3D TV without burning a hole in your pocket.

Obviously lots of people would like to have the latest, flashiest and most up to date products in their house but not everyone can afford it so therefore a cheaper option, like the one that is in the pipeline from Toshiba, if they do get released soon then there could be plenty of happy people around!

Who knows, some more big name companies like Sony and Panasonic could jump on the bandwagon and start to release some of their own cheap, cost effective 3D TV’s and it could drive the prices down even further if there is more competition for the likes of Toshiba.

So who knows, there could a really cheap 3D TV just around the corner!

Mozbot Team

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