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3 Exciting Apple Products for 2013


2013 is now well underway, which means we can expect a whole host of new and exciting gadgets bursting their way on the market.

And as gadgets go, no company creates as much buzz as tech-giants Apple, the company that single-handedly changed the way we use technology.
So let’s take bite out of Apples big developments in the coming year.


Apple Radio

Step aside Spotify, because Apples entry onto the online radio market is going to make waves.
Big waves.
Discussions on this began in October of last year, with the first glimpses first released around March.
The free-radio service would make money through advertising, allowing consumers to browse all their favourite songs, artists and albums. And with Spotify coming under fire in recent years, including a very public spat with The Black Keys
, who famously refused to allow their album El Camino to be on the website, it seems music lovers may be using Apple by the end of the year.
Rest assured, it sounds like a very interesting concept.

could you be ditching Spotify for Apple Radio?







iPad Mini with Retina Display

The iPad is one of the best creations within 21st century technology and certainly the biggest ‘cash cow’ of all Apple products. And when the companies Retina Display was added to the concept, they virtually flew off the shelves.
When the iPad with Retina Display was released, 3 million of these were sold in a weekend in March 2012 alone, and by the end of the year, it was suggested by Digitimes that between 8-10 million had been purchased.
It’s widely expected that a mini version of the product will be released in March, considering the Ipad 2 was released March 2011 and the Retina Display in the same month last year.


Return of the Mac?

Another one of Apples most successful products and another that was given the Retina Display treatment in 2012.
The big change with this product is the development of the Mac Mini, that should be finished and completed for sale in 2013. On top of this, there is expected to be an improvement on the MacBookAir, especially where its battery is concerned.

So that’s what we think will be the big developments form the Californian giants, but only time will tell.
But what do you think? We’d love to know what bits of kit you’re looking forward to seeing this year


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