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5 Amazing Photography Apps for iPhone 5

Apple iPhone besides being a productive smartphone and outstanding entertainment partner is also quite good as a quick photography tool. Especially when you are on the go or when you want to catch daily moments in their making, not only because of the portability of iPhone 5, but also because of the quality camera specifications it sports.

Despite the fact that stock iPhone 5 Camera app is standard and gets the job done, one cannot simply ignore the offerings of other Amazing Photography Apps for iPhone 5. There are a lot of photography apps ranging from quick tweakers to full throttle photography editors and everything in between.

The only problem that comes with abundant app choice is the sheer amount of time, efforts, research and sometimes even money that simply flushes down the gutter before one finds an appropriate Photography app for iPhone 5. And that is exactly where we come in. We have compiled a list of 5 Amazing Photography Apps for iPhone 5 after considering a lot of factors like user benefits, interface, functionality, cost effectiveness and more.

Instagram- LINK


Instagram has been around for quite a while now on both iOS and Android platform with its rich features and huge photography enthusiast members. It is probably the best way to share your daily life, creations and mobile photography skills with the rest of the world. The much hyped feature “Instagram Filters” also add to the overall photography experience by enhancing and automatically retouching your photos to spark a perfect vibe.



VSCO Cam is a keeper, not only because of the quality professional grade editing flexibility but also because it is free. You can control almost everything about your iPhone 5 camera to make a perfect photograph. Among different parameters that you can control a few worth mentioning are exposure, focus and depth of field.

Snapseed- LINK


Moving on to amazing photo editing apps for iPhone 5, Snapseed wins the competition before it even begins. Ranging from standard editing tools and effects to stylized filters, frames, tilt-shift generator Snapseed has it all. On top of all that, an impressive user interface and touch specific gesture controls makes Snapseed the photo editing app you will ever need.

Camera+ LINK


Camera+ is more like an advanced spur for your iPhone 5’s camera. Besides boasting a gamut of filters, effects, functions and commands, it is the only app so far that handles auto-timed photographs more than well. And especially when it comes to reducing motion blur, there is no other app that does it better than Camera Plus.

Over- LINK


To end this list we present an out of box photography app that ironically has less to do with photographs and more to do with quality captions. Now, as simple and mundane as it would appear, captioning and adding text or highlights to an quality picture is something that even the prodigies have a hard time with. And that is exactly where Over comes to rescue by providing options to add different styled texts and graphics anywhere on your photographs. The result is impeccable pictures that literally paint a thousand words.

We hope you liked our take on 5 Amazing Photography Apps for iPhone 5. If you have any personal favorites or suggestions about our list or its content, please mention in the comment section.