How Can I Boost My Wireless Internet Connection Speed?

These days having an internet connection is a must. It is now an essential thing for home entertainment and for work. We need it in order to keep track of our work through emails. It is also now the fastest way of getting information and news. It is also becoming competitive in the realm of entertainment.  If you don’t have an internet connection now, then that just means you are missing out on a great deal. Check out iinet to see how their connection speeds compare.

Faster Connection is a Must

These days it is no longer enough that one has an internet connection. It is also a must that it should be fast. It can really be frustrating when the speed of your internet connection is not meeting the use that you have in mind for it. To help you out, here are some tips that you can use in order to boost your wireless connection speed.

Placing Your Router in the Right Location

Your router might not be pretty to look at, but that does not mean that you should hide it away where no one can see it.  Remember that the Wi-Fi signal of your router can be affected by physical obstructions, so if you place your router somewhere where there are a lot of things that can block it then you won’t be getting the most out of it. You should also know that wireless routers are capable of working on several channels and you should just pick the one that has the least of interference in it. You can use a Wi-Fi analyser for picking the best channel in your house.

Remove the Interference from Other Appliances

We have mentioned that there are interferences which can affect the quality of the Wi-Fi signal in your home. Instead of working your way around such interferences, you can actually work towards removing any interference that you might get. These signals that can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal would come from appliances like cordless phones and microwaves. You can buy a cordless phone on a different band or you can simply move it away from your router.

Better Security

The more devices that are connected using your Wi-Fi signal, the slower it would get. That’s why it is essential that you should secure it with a password. But sometimes that is not enough. It is easy to hack through WPA passwords so you have to take more serious measures when it comes to securing your Wi-Fi signal.

Control Your Applications

There are some applications that eat up your bandwidth and because of that you will see an obvious slowdown on your internet connection. If someone in your house uses Torrent files, plays online video games or uses services like Netflix then you would really see and feel that your internet connection is slowing down.  You can also use something called QoS which is short for Quality of Service which allows you to prioritize certain applications that use the internet over others. That way the important applications would not be affected by others.

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