10 Excellent Tools for Foreign Students in UK

Foreign Students in UK usually have a hard time during first few months of their visit which is further aggrandized by little information about excellent tools designed for foreign students in UK. The usual problems that arise for most of the foreign students are accommodation, food, navigation, a new study environment, novel study method, currency conversions, commute services, money transfer options and lifestyle, to name a few.

But to ease all or at least most of these problems there are huge user-friendly tools for foreign students in UK that can be used to alleviate if not completely evade these repercussions. And since most of the students must have access to internet connection, a computer or at-least a Smartphone, the tools for Foreign students in UK come mostly in the form of iOS/Android applications or website based services. So, in this post we have collected 10 Excellent Tools for Foreign Students in UK which are mostly apps and web services but there are a few exception as you will see in the coming section.

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1. Cab Services

Most people will agree that the first thing a foreign student in UK might want; right after he lands is a ride to the place where he plans to stay. There are many apps and websites designed meticulously to provide this very service. While most of them tend to do their best in certain parts of UK, you can use the best one for the area you are supposed to spend your time at. Some of the most popular Cab Services for foreign students in UK include Kabbee, Ubber, Hailo Cab and Addison Lee. All of them have a respective Android and iOS app that makes booking cabs just a few taps away. You can either use Credit Card, Debit Card or even cash without any added hidden costs.

2. Sygic (

Google maps and navigation is cool and everything but what happens when you land in UK and you don’t yet have an Internet connection? Well! The solution is Sygic, with over 30,000,000 downloads Sygic is the best offline navigation app available for both Android and iOS. With GPS navigation, turn-by-turn voice guidance, spoken street names, junction views and a lot more, this app is among the ones you should drop in your Smartphone before you even pack your bags.

3. Tripit (

Tripit is an all in one travel organizer that sure comes handy for foreign students in UK. It also has iOS and Android app equivalent for easy itinerary services. All you have to do is provide trip details like hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant confirmation emails and forward it to [email protected] and the app will generate a quick itinerary instantly. In addition to directions the app also provides weather information and if you upgrade to pro version you can enjoy premium services like real-time flight alerts, seat tracker, flight finder, refund notifications, point tracker, and more.


Most foreign students in UK have a problem with transition from ethnic cuisines to English food and for such students is a real relief. You can grab any type of food from 1000’s available depending on what your taste buds like. All you have to do is enter a postal address, select the dish from the menu (from categories like Indian, Chinese, Syrian, Thai, Afghani and just about everything else) and the food will reach at your doorsteps within no time. You can use cards or cash for payment and yes! There is an iOS and Android app available for this one also.

5. Currency Converter

A Currency Converter is a must have for any foreign student in UK. You can either use Google for the purpose or to be more tech savvy and efficient you can grab any of the Currency Converter app for Android or iOS from respective stores.


We have covered food, money, travel and trips but what about accommodations? There are a few ways to find properties for rent or sale in UK but seems to have done it right by just keeping it simple without compromising quality. You can filter accommodations according to area, rate, type, trends and more to narrow down your search to the right accommodation suitable for you.

7. HuffingTon Post and Metro

Although these two services may not qualify for “tools” but they sure do qualify excellence. Both these dailies are quite famous among foreigners as well as natives. They provide a complete and comprehensive knowledge about happenings, sales, offers, shows, events, breaking news and a lot more you must know to spend quality time in UK

8. Bank Apps

For foreign students in UK, money is the biggest factor and for most of them money drifts quicker than quick sand. For such instance you can use Bank Apps like Barclay’s Mobile Banking App, provided by your respective Bank to access your account and make money transfers easy and accessible.

9. Refrence.Me

The most cumbersome task for a foreign student in UK is the tiresome referencing they have to follow to get good grades in University Projects. With Refrence.Me you just have to scan the book barcode, choose style and forward the referencing data via email to save time and gain marks easily. There is an app for both iOS and Android available for this service also.

10. TV Catch Up (

Now that we have covered almost every tool for foreign students in UK, it would be nice to conclude this post with something for the entertainment. And when it comes to that nothing beats conventional TV entertainment. To top that, TV Catch Up is one of the most trusted online TV service in UK. There is an Android and iOS app for this service both of which allow you to browse about 50+ TV Channels from within the UK.

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