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10 Awesomely Unique USB Gadgets

USB gadgets and devices have replaced serial ports and other bland conventional connectivity appendages widely and swiftly. This is partly because of its “universal” compatibility and so it becomes a little less daunting and lot more intriguing to stuff your USB ports with Amazingly Unique USB Gadgets.

There are a plethora of USB gadgets available in the market, anything ranging from realistic and practically productive external hard-disks to utterly weird and pointless products. But the best part is that you can link any or all of these gadgets to your workplace PC or leisure laptop to enhance overall productivity, entertainment or just add a creative spur to your otherwise mundane workspace.

Considering all that, we have collected a comprehensive list of 10 Awesomely Unique USB Gadgets that will at least spark an awe, if not motivate you to shell out some dough.

Chargeable USB Cell
USB Cell
BacksideUSB CellUSB CellUSB Cell

If you have trouble with your alkaline battery consumption, which is way too often for people with wireless keyboards, mouse and joy pads, this USB cell will save your day. Just clip up the top, plug each battery into USB port, leave it for 1-3 hours and you’re good to go.


It is just about the right time that your bland mouse pad got an upgrade. This mouse pad is more convenient for gamers, who like to keep it dark and immense. With its illuminated border and 4-port hub feature, this might very well be the first USB gadget on your list.


Mandylion Password Manager3(2)

With growing social-networks, online shopping, banking transactions and just about every other thing, the password lists aren’t getting any shorter. Mandylion Password Manager seems to have everything that you need to manage passwords, and Yes! It has qualified highest security standards. With cryptic protection and auto-password reminders and suggestions, this little USB Gadget can store and secure up-to 50 different passwords.

For traveller and gadget aficionados, this Battery Charger can be charged using your standard USB or solar energy so that you never have to worry about running out of juice. Simply put, this gadget powers your other gadgets with its 2800mAh battery. But then again, it might not satisfy all your charging needs but it does protect your gadgets from drying dead.<b></b>

A triple duty USB gadget to light and spice up your working environment. It acts as a USB hub, a fragrance diffuser and a light source with versatile color combos to regulate atmosphere according your mood.

If you work or game on your PC, you might already be aware of neck and back strains that usually follow long computer sessions. There are many stretch exercises and off screen things you can do to alleviate such problems, but what if your assignments, gaming curiosity or job doesn’t allow these perks? Well, if that is the case, USB Massager is a must have. Just Plug it in, put the massager under your chair, behind your back or neck and the massager will deliver warm soothing vibrations.

This Unique USB Gadget may not qualify the standards of a complete stand-up drum kit, but it does have some cool features up its sleeve. It can be used to learn basic beat concepts, hit some serious free-play and more with its six-piece drum set-up. But the best part is that it is cheap, does not require any batteries and can be rolled away for easy transportation.

A treat for overly possessive/paranoid spouse, spy or ‘just curious’ people. This USB device is expensive, but sure is worth every penny if you are desperate enough. Plug in the recorder in the desired phone and the receiver in your PC USB port and you are ready for some serious stalking. The software that runs this piece of hardware is compatible with almost all Windows OS’s, is intuitive and pretty easy to use.

I personally doubt the efficacy of this USB gadget, but it promises to keep your coffee warm using entirely the USB Power.  But even if it may not do justice to your coffee temperature, it does make up for it with additional 4-port USB Hub and stylish design.

Geekdom is incomplete without a pinch of Star Wars. So, last in our list of 10 Awesomely Unique USB Gadgets is the classic R2-D2 w/ USB Lightsaber Phone. It looks just like the droid in Star Wars and can relay messages to your friends as equally. It also comes in with a light-saber shaped USB Skype phone and serves as an impeccable web-cam. You can activate it remotely to push it forward, reverse, turn 360 from anywhere around the world to monitor and record the happening back home. On top of all that, the Droid can last for 14 days on stand-by.<strong></strong>