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5 Awesome Products Coming in 2014

Technology has very well surpassed Moore’s law, to the extent that products in the market today were actually speculated to be released during the last half of this decade. While nothing can be said about far future, there are a few Products Coming in 2014 that are worth the wait. Technology Giants like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft are already in the race to provide impeccable products in 2014. With so much going on this year, we can only hope that there are more than a few “Next Big Things” in store.

We scoured through the web and managed to pull a comprehensive list of 5 Products Coming in 2014 that certainly are worth waiting for.

1. Samsung Wireless Charging

Samsung Wireless Charging

Samsung is known for innovation in addition to copying from competition. The recent Galaxy Round, Smart Bear, Phablets are a few examples, plus they have quite a few things to their advantage in terms of innovative technology. But from Samsung the product coming in 2014 that deserves lauding is Wireless charging Technology that will be embedded into future Smartphones. It works on magnetic resonance and can charge your Smartphone even when it is a few centimeters away from the device.

2. Apple 12-Inch MacBook With New Design and Retina Display

Apple 12-Inch MacBook With New Design and Retina Display

Reliable Analytical reports suggest that Apple will be shipping new smaller MacBook with 12’’ retina display and complete redesign during 3-4 quarter of 2014. It will be more powerful yet sleek with its thinner/lighter clam-shell design. It is also believed that unlike Apple A8 processor it will feature a Intel-chip and will be cheaper than current Apple Notebooks.

3. FORM 1: An affordable, Professional 3D printer

FORM 1: An affordable, Professional 3D printer

3D printing has gained a significant positive momentum over a past couple of years, but the only problem for now is the cost and complexity. Form 1 promises to take care of both. Form 1 is a Personal 3D printer that started as a KickStarter project and managed to raise $2,945,885 well beyond its expected 100,000 pledge. It can be preordered from at $3,299, which is about the fraction of standard 3D Printer Price.

4. Lower Cost iMac

Cheaper iMac

As quite evident from Apple’s “Cheaper” iPhone 5c, there is a marketing and pricing policy shift going on to help Apple hold its ground in growing competition. Following the footsteps of iPhone, Apple is planning to launch a Lower Cost iMac in Q3-Q4 of 2014. It is probably deigned to combat Windows desktop and is expected to boost iMac sales by 20-30%

5. Structure Sensor

Structure Sensor

An iPad appendage that equips your tablet with 3D sensing, that in-turn will help it to scan objects and rooms in 3D, play augmented reality games, and develop mobile apps with 3D vision. The device can be dramatically productive for professionals like Engineers/Architects and equally entertaining for gamers.  Structure Sensor is once again a KickStarter Project and as of now has raised $1,212,775 against the expected $100,000.  It is expected to ship anytime during the Q1-Q2 of 2014.

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