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Is It Worth Upgrading To A Next-Gen Console?

With many people still unsure about buying a Next-Gen console, be it an Xbox One or a PS4, much excitement will be generated by the new gaming experiences on offer. Although still primarily seen as games machines, the next gen consoles do come with a shiny range of new capabilities which places them at the centre of any home’s entertainment options, but is it worth the extra expense?

The new Xbox One or PS4 don’t come cheap and it doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all crowing about our new PS3 and Xbox 360. Thankfully we’ve examined the consoles and their new functionality for you and here are the five reasons why we think it’s worth upgrading just as soon as you can:

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Next-Gen Consoles Are All-Round Media Hubs

There’s no messing around this time. The next gen consoles are intended to sit at the centre of all your home entertainment and they certainly fit the bill to the degree it’s difficult to imagine being without one once you’ve tried it. With a huge range of new apps available, the new gen consoles boast an improved Skype and upcoming BBC iPlayer and Sky apps. They also have the ability to plug into your cable or digital TV, meaning you can seamlessly switch between live TV, gaming or internet surfing.

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The Kinect Sensor

Now included as standard on the Xbox One, the Kinect Sensor allows you to play games in a completely new way without controllers. With an increased resolution and wide-angle view, the next gen version is a revelation with much improved movement tracking, face recognition and improved voice control. Truly revolutionary.

An already impressive games line up

While you normally have to wait a few months for great games for new consoles, the array of brilliant next gen games already available is dizzying. With games like the stunning Forza Motorsport 5 and Dead Rising 3 wowing gamers across the world, there’s no reason to wait to upgrade your console as there may have been with other incarnations.

Cloud power

With the next gen consoles utilising cloud computing power, the console’s own resources are freed up for more impressive performance. The next gen consoles are faster, have better graphics and advanced lighting and Artificial Intelligence effects.

Connect your smartphone and tablet

Both next gen consoles allow you to connect your smartphone and tablet via apps, giving you the power of a second screen when you’re playing games or using apps on the console. So whether it’s viewing extra games content, chatting to your friends or surfing through your TV, your console will be set up to do it.

So there are our reasons for upgrading to a next gen console sooner rather than later. They may be expensive additions to your living room but they have taken a genuinely giant leap forward in the world of home entertainment so don’t miss out.

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