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Top 5 Tablets Running Windows 8 In 2014

Microsoft are already working on their latest update, and speculation is that it will jump from 8 directly to 9 in April 2015 when the latest system is released. The current operating system has received mixed reviews but the company have been pushing tablets for a decade and there are a number of good tablets currently running Windows 8, we have a look at the top five for 2014.

Nokia Lumia 2520

This is the first Windows tablet from the Scandinavian phone giants and it is a beautiful, high quality build with a great display. The claims direct from Nokia are that it’s the “best in class outdoor readability” and many agree.

Fast response makes it easy to use but, because the tablet doesn’t run full Windows, you can’t get the proper apps and this lets it down. Not too much because it’s still worth adding to your checklist but you might find the Surface Pro more practical for doing the same job.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2

It might be the second attempt but this is the real deal from Microsoft when it comes to a home-grown tablet.The first effort at the Surface left the company with billion of dollars worth of unsold stock but the tweaks have made this a must buy when it comes to Windows tablets.

A dual position kick-stand, a slightly lighter and slimmer device and full HD resolution sees the exterior get an overhaul but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The Pro 2 has a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-4200U with considerably better life with almost 10 hours of battery time. A great hybrid package, it gets high marks for performance, design and features as well as value for money.

Lenovo Miix 2

The main pro for this device is that, in comparison with other Lenovo Windows tablets, it is thinner and lighter which makes the Lenovo Miix 2 ideal for use as your portable tablet. This offering from the Chinese company that are looking to stake a claim for the worldwide market, is the best in the market when it comes to smaller tablets running Windows 8. Coming with Office Home & Student, the audio might not be up to scratch but it performs quickly with a bright display that makes it ideal for both work and play.

ASUS Transformer Book T100

If you’re looking for a tablet that has a lengthy battery life and comes equipped with a keyboard then this device is well worth a look. The ASUS Transformer is a bargain for the features that it comes with but you should also be warned that it charges slowly and the touchpad and keyboard can be awkward. This is a hybrid that isn’t perfect but with full Windows 8, a keyboard, Office and long battery life this is the definition of value for money.

Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1

This premium tablet is, as it’s name suggest, a rugged design that is incredibly practical for those who work outdoors. Almost twice the wright and size of an iPad, you have to need this tablet for it to be worthwhile. Everything is covered on the outside to protect it but while it looks different on the outside, inside it is a conventional Windows 8 tablet. The performance is good, it houses all the features you need and, while you are paying a premium for it, the Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1 is perfect for harsh environments where you wouldn’t want to use a standard tablet or laptop.

These are the five best tablets running Windows 8 in 2014 and analysts believe that this could be the year for the market to turn in favour of Microsoft. It’s the Aberdeen Group who believe that demand will grow and that will be a big boost to the company as they try to topple Android and Apple domination.

Other Windows tablets to look out for include the Razer Edge Pro, Dell Venue 8 Pro and the Sony VAIO Tap 11.


Author: Kevin Tang is a creative and inspiring writer with super keen interest in technology. Kevin is still undertaking his Media degree course at a University in the South East.

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