Make Calls And Listen To Music From Your Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette industry has grown an astonishing amount in the last five years. Having gone from being a small, niche market to an industry with more than 1.3 million Britons partaking; electronic cigarette innovation is very much in demand. However, arguably the most innovative electronic cigarette ever has recently been released – the Supersmoker Bluetooth, an e cig that can operate your smart phone and your MP3 player.

One of the main reasons why people have grown so fond of electronic cigarettes is the way that they fit into their lifestyle far smoother than traditional cigarettes. Vapers (the electronic cigarette equivalent of smokers) are able to use their devices in many public places such as bars and restaurants where smoking is banned. This new, innovative electronic cigarette fits even better into the lifestyle of individuals who are becoming ever more reliant on their smart phone and portable music player.

Wirelessly connecting to phone and music devices via Bluetooth, the control panel on the electronic cigarette can be used to make and receive calls or change the track. This is perfect for people who carry more gadgets than they can carry at all times. The built-in speaker and microphone means that the Supersmoker Bluetooth can be used as a headset to speak into when making or answering calls.

The device comes with a handy ‘sucker’ which means that it can be stuck to a wall, allowing the user to place the e cig at their leisure when listening to music.

Many of the top electronic cigarette brands are increasing the innovation of their flagship products. TECC have recently released the striking T-Cross device which allows the user complete control over their experience and bears a striking resemblance to a futuristic Warhammer. This demonstrates a marked rise from the simple disposable electronic cigarettes that made up the majority of generation one.

The newest devices that are being released are the forerunners of generation four and look set to continue developing and improving as more people become involved in the industry. As Xbox One tries to market itself as an all-in-one home entertainment system, next generation electronic cigarettes could become the all-in-one mobile lifestyle gadget but don’t be planning to trade your iPhone in just yet.

Mozbot Team

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