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Apps to Improve Your Movie-Watching Experience

If there’s one thing that can upset a lot of movie-goers, it’s people having their smartphones out the whole time. The thing is, those devices can often be home to some helpful film-related apps that the perturbed audience may not know about.

In this post, the focus remains on three mobile apps that are designed specifically to improve your movie-watching experience. One of them is a must for fans of actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost while the other two are sure to be favourites of anyone with an active online social life. Now let’s get to the list.


Perhaps the most well-known app (or website, really) on this list, Flickchart has been around for ages. In fact, Lifehacker wrote about how much fun it is back in 2009, when they touched on its ability to make ranking movies enjoyable.

Since then, Flickchart has become a fully established community for cinefiles the world over to discuss the best films of all time, among other argument-inducing topics.

It’s also filled with list after list of the “best” movie-related stuff out there, from specific genres and decades to directors and franchises. Check it out right now if you somehow haven’t yet.

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Beyond The Screen

If you enjoy Edgar Wright‘s Cornetto trilogy of films—Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End—hopefully you’re already using Beyond The Screen. If not, here’s the deal: it syncs up with audio from the film and display trivia and behind-the-scenes information during your viewing experience.

While it’s not recommended that you use the app during your first watch, it’s absolutely a must for repeated viewings. You’ll learn things you wouldn’t get anywhere else and probably appreciate the films a lot more, too.

Picturebox Films recently did a feature on the app on their YouTube channel to discuss its usefulness.

Writers James King and Karen Krizanovich talk about how the app allows you to experience the most out of the trilogy, with Krizanovich even going so far as calling it “astonishing.” For fans of the Cornetto trilogy, it’s hard to argue with her.

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Movie Hype

Here’s an app that basically wants to be a kitchen sink for all your movie-watching needs—well, aside from actually seeing the movie itself. Movie Hype contains trailers for the latest films, check-in options so your friends know what you’re going to see, and alerts and countdown clocks for movies you’re looking forward to.

Let’s say you’re really interested in a particular blockbuster film but don’t want to get bogged down in following its news across a bunch of sites. Movie Hype aims to include all that information in one place while making sure you know exactly when it’s hitting theatres.

You can also get into discussions with other users about the movies you’re waiting for, combining the cinema experience with being social. After all, Next Movie had to call it “one of the coolest movie apps” for a reason.

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