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How Archiving Emails Save your Problems in the Long Run

Your business emails can contain a great deal of sensitive information – from confidential client details, to attached files and folders. Archiving them may not seem like the most obvious choice at first, especially if you don’t think you might need them in the future, but when it comes to business you never know how easy access to just one email might save your bacon or create new leads or networking opportunities.

If you don’t already archive your emails now, here are a couple of reasons why you should:


Many large-scale organisations will use long-term storage of their email communications for the simple reason that they can become real business assets. When you have an archiving email solution, you are able to access the complete email records. This is even if your mail servers aren’t available.


When you run a business, there are certain regulatory and compliance requirements which dictate that emails should be archived. If your business falls in to this category, in order to be compliant you must have some form of email archiving system established.


If there are any instances of legal recovery or any audits, email archiving allows you to be sure that you are in the clear. When you have records in place, such as emails, these can be used as evidence.


It is not uncommon for in-boxes on single computers to become packed with emails, making the processing of the email programme sluggish. By using an email archiving system, you can allow for the continual good performance of servers and minimize storage costs. Plus, if a server fails, you are still able to access the messages.

Many email management services will allow employees access to their emails via mobile devices, such as with iPhones and iPads. They can also have access to personal folder structures to make email management easier, and allow for the storage of limitless emails.

Dealing with Spam

Some organisations can see their email accounts dragged to a standstill through spam emails; by clogging up in-boxes quickly, they can cause exchange servers to fail and grind the flow of business to a halt.

With such huge storage capacities, email archiving companies can handle large amounts of spam and filter it effectively, saving you time and a great deal of stress.

Working with the Cloud

If you choose a cloud-based email archiving provider, you’ll get as much space as you need in order to keep on top of your emails. Data can be easily retained and accessed, even if your internal servers or computers fails.

This means you won’t need to worry about losing any important information, by accident or otherwise, and have full access to the archive of every email. This can be essential in business – especially in the case of audits and recovering essential information.

All the above tools as well as email archiving are provided by Mimecast in a quick and simple package. It’s not something you can get with free email providers, so it’s well worth looking into to keep your business streamlined.


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