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The ultimate guide to Ultrabooks

Laptop technology has come an incredibly long way in the past few years. With laptops such as the Macbook Air and Samsung series 9 pushing the boundaries of how thin, compact and powerful laptops can be, a new type of laptop has finally been born – the Ultrabook. The Ultrabook is a term coined by Intel, and refers to the new generation of ultra slim, super powerful laptops. Because it’s a trademarked name, Intel processors power all Ultrabooks. That being said, AMD produce cheap “ultrabook-style” laptops if you’re looking for an affordable option.


Ultrabooks are designed with practicality in mind and as a result most of the screens are in the 13-inch range. There are also 15-inch screens but in our opinion this makes them less portable. Ultrabooks also feature touch screen capabilities, with many doubling up as touch tablets. This means they are ideal for those of you wanting to use your Ultrabook for leisure and work purposes. There are some laptops that don’t have this feature, so if touch isn’t your thing you’ll still have options.

Screen quality

Screen quality is hugely important when shopping for a modern laptop. If you’ve got the budget, there are many screens making use of super HD technology. One of our favourite Ultrabooks has to be the Toshiba Kira, as it features 90% more pixels than your standard HD screen.


Because of their ultra slim profiles, Ultrabooks often lack serious graphics cards, which take up much needed space. This means that if you’re a hard-core gamer, you’ll have to be careful when choosing an Ultrabook.


The vast majority of Ultrabooks come with the new generation of hard drive: SSD (solid state drive). Solid-state drives are particularly fast in comparison to older generations, and due to their no-moving part design, are not likely to get damaged as much. One thing you’ll instantly notice is that start-up times and opening of programmes will be lightning-fast. The only problem with SSD is that it has a new technology and is therefore more expensive. If you’re looking for lots of storage – an SSD wont be for you. There are however hybrid drives which make use of new and old technology that are considerably more affordable.


Due to their ultra slim designs, keyboards can often feel quite shallow. It’s always advised that you try the keyboard before purchasing any Ultrabook.

Battery life

Ultrabooks are all about efficiency and utility – and battery life is hugely important in this. Many manufacturers have opted for a design which allows for replaceable battery packs, meaning that if you’re prepared, you’ll never be found with 2% battery life praying for a wall plug.

There is no doubt about it – Ultrabooks are the laptops of the future. In terms of portability and functionality, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option. There is a wealth of information out there to help you find a laptop within your budget, so finding the right Ultrabook for you shouldn’t be a problem. As always, it’s worth shopping around online to find the best deals available.


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