Social EDI software platform to make impact in the B2B e-commerce marketplace

Electronic Data Interchange Solutions giant XEDI ( announced last week the launch of their new cloud-based global EDI platform, which has been widely anticipated across the United States over the past few months. The platform is being held in the highest regards by experts in the field who are expecting it to eliminate any over-complications in the world of B2B e-commerce.

Taking a look into the future

The launch of this brand new low-cost subscription based service will allow the company to provide quick and efficient solutions as they look to secure ‘electronic ordering’ and ‘electronic invoicing’ which shall feature SSCC barcode support, multi-user functionality and an EDI mailbox for its users which is completely free and can be used by both suppliers and high street retailers for the purpose of delivering connecting together through this new ‘social B2B network’.

This brand new XEDI system works with all the retail standards that are possessed by the current EDI, which will ensure that social space can be set up by business users, whilst orders are beginning to be sent and invoices being received once the subscription process is complete. This will result in software and plug-ins no longer being a necessity.

No need to take the risk

The switch to EDI was once regarded as risky, but now the new device means that the risk factor is now eliminated. This means that formal training and a complete revamp to your business process is no longer needed, and instead electric data interchange will be introduced to the social-media obsessed business world.

Speaking about the launch of the new platform, XEDI founder Graeme Howard stated “My vision is to bring EDI to the masses. Manually processing orders is repetitive and inefficient but our new system allows businesses to work fluently in partnership together and create strong social relationships”. He followed up these comments by saying that the new venture could be used as a “Facebook for business.”