Britain’s Top 15 Social Media Regrets Revealed

The average Briton has 15 ‘internet regrets’ about things they wish they haven’t put online, a recent survey has found.

Seemingly it is not just celebrities that drop themselves in hot water over a controversial or cringe-worthy social media post; we are all guilty of saying the wrong things in the heat of the moment.

Whether this is a rant targeted at your ex or a complaint about a workplace problem that you only found fitting to address over twitter, there are a number of Brits who have had to deal with the consequences of their social media behaviour.

Not surprisingly, the survey also revealed that the average Brit deletes 10 posts from their social accounts every year. Sam Allcock of Custard Online Marketing– the agency that conducted the study of 2,000 people – stated “It’s perhaps not surprising that so many adults have regrets lurking on their social media profiles, as our frequent access to smartphones and tablets makes it easier for us to post photos and comments at times we really shouldn’t.”

Allcock revealed that it wasn’t only the younger audiences of these networks that were guilty of a controversial status or post. He suggested, “In the last 10 years, the number of Brits using social media has grown rapidly – even our grandparents are on Facebook now. It’s perhaps not surprising that so many adults have regrets lurking on their social media profiles.”

The study found that it wasn’t the easy access to social networks that smartphones provide that was the only problem when it comes to impulsive and regrettable statuses and posts, alcohol was another factor.  Allcock suggested, “Alcohol can play a big part in the amount of regrettable social media posts – it’s a bad mix.”

Facebook was revealed to be the social media platform that received the most deletions, edging out Twitter as the focal point of regrettable posting. What was surprising is that most social media users are fully aware of when they have posted a pointless or attention seeking photo or status, because they will criticise another user for doing the same thing.

Regardless of being told off from our bosses, friends and relatives; we seem to always resort to the update button when we have reached boiling point. As featured on betanews, here is the top 15 of the most common ‘internet regrets’:

  1. Unflattering photographs
  2. Raucous, drunken photos
  3. Immature comments
  4. Boring status updates
  5. Over-emotional outbursts
  6. Posts giving an opinion I no longer have
  7. Photos of me, doing things I shouldn’t have done
  8. Photos of me in skimpy clothing/underwear
  9. Loved up or soppy comments about an ex or partner
  10. Bad language
  11. Controversial opinions that people get offended at
  12. Jokes in bad taste
  13. Bitching about someone
  14. Vain selfies
  15. Pictures of food