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5 Gadgets You’ll See in the Bedroom of the Future

Predicting the future is always tough. We’ve all seen enough visions of the future in movies, from Robocop to Blade Runner, to know that the predictions we make about  future technology rarely end up matching reality.

However, predicting the bedroom of 10 years away isn’t that difficult. We recently spoke to the bedroom furniture experts at  AHF Furniture to find out which gadgets, many of which are being worked on today, might be found in the bedroom of 2025.

Self-sterilising door handles

Self-Steralising Door Handle

Even the cleanest looking door handles can be hotbeds of germs. This self-sterilising door handle is still a design concept right now, but the technology it uses is available today and could become mainstream in the future.

This self-sterilising door handle uses UV light to clean away bacteria that linger after it’s used. When the door handle is in use, there’s no UV light – when it’s not in use, it emits a steady stream of UV light to kill bacteria and clean its surface.

Completely transparent TVs

 Loewe Invisio Transparent TV

Called the Loewe Invisio, this HDTV is completely transparent. Designed by Michael Friebe and showcased at the 2011 iF Concept Design competition, this transparent TV offers an amazing viewing experience – if, that is, you actually want to look at it.

Don’t want to look at it? Switch it off and it becomes completely transparent, letting you see the wallpaper or window on the other side. Although it currently isn’t being manufactured, Loewe is exploring the possibility of introducing the Invisio soon.

Floor plan light switches

Floor Plan Light Switch

Have you ever switched off the wrong light by mistake? This touchscreen switch is designed to look exactly like your home’s floor plan, letting you control which light you activate or deactivate by pressing on the screen.

With just one look, you can see exactly which areas of your home are lit and which aren’t. Light your entire living room with a single touch or switch off all of the lights in your home before bedtime without using multiple switches.

Bediator warming bedframe


Do you live in a cold climate? If your electric blanket isn’t quite powerful enough to help you make it through winter in comfort, the Bediator – an intelligent heating bed that keeps you warm while you sleep – might be a good choice.

This fold-out bed keeps itself warm using energy efficient heat generation, helping you stay warm in winter or cool in summer. As well as being used as a bed, it can be folded down and used as a retractable floor or workspace.

The RIMA desk lamp

Rima Desk Lamp

Unlike the four products listed above, all of which are currently prototypes or works still in development, the RIMA desk lamp is available today. This stylish desk lamp is controlled using four intuitive rings that control its light level like a giant curtain.

Open, move and control individual lighting zones to light your study desk to just the right level for maximum evening and late-night productivity. At €1,840.00, the RIMA desk lamp’s price means it’s off limits for now until it becomes mainstream tech.

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