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10 cool things you didn’t know your iPhone could do

According to IT Pro Portal 70% of Brits are spending more time with phones and tablets than they are with humans.

The report by Juniper revealed that people are spending more time using smartphones, tablets and PCs than they do chatting face-to-face with family, friends and colleagues. If this is the case, surely you must know your iphone inside out, right? Wrong! Below are ten cool things you didn’t know your phone could do:

Take a screen shot

Ever wanted to be able to screen shot of a web page or a text that made you laugh? Just simply hold the home button down and the on/off button at the top right corner at the same time to take a screen shot. It will instantly be saved in your camera roll so you can view whenever you like. This will also work on an Ipad.

Put in Airplane mode for a quicker charge

Need to charge your phone quickly? Put in Airplane mode and plug in for a faster charge time.

Create a passcode with letters

Rather than setting numbers for your passcode, you can choose words – very useful for security purposes if you happen to break your iphone. Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock and turn off simple passcode. Go to set passcode and a full keyboard will appear instead of the number pad. When you need to unlock your phone, this keyboard will appear so you can enter your number.

See what time you sent a text

This is something many iphone users discover by accident. You can see the timestamps of text messages by sliding them over to the left.

Access email drafts quickly

Need to access your email drafts quickly? Hold down the compose button to access them.

Customise the vibrations

That’s right, you can change the vibration pattern for notifications! Perfect for when you need to have your phone on silent/vibrate mode. Just go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration. Now you’ll be able to tell who’s calling you just by the vibration!

Undo typing

Made a spelling mistake or want to scrap what you just wrote? Simply shake your iphone to undo the typing.

Take rapid photos

According to the Daily Mail, British holidaymakers take 447 photos while travelling, including 127 landscape shots and 45 selfies. If you’re looking to capture a special moment quickly, just hold down the camera capture button to take photos in burst mode. Voila – this will take a number of photos in quick succession so you’re guaranteed a good shot!

See a detailed calendar

If you’re in an important meeting and need to access your calendar, you can see a more detailed view just by flipping your phone sideways.

Use your phone as a level

Swipe left in the Compass app to access a level – ideal for hanging pictures etc.

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