Top 5 Kickstarter Gadgets You Can Back Right Now

1. Remix Mini – The World’s first true Android PC

When three former google engineers put their heads together, you know the product is going to be something super extraordinary. Remix Mini is just this – a fist-size piece of kit that will transform your PC screen into the simplicity of a tablet.

This snazzy gadget is packed with high- end specifications and the familiar user interface found on most tablets, taking away the complications of browsing on your pc.

The user friendliness of Remix trumps that of any computer- and after a using your computer screen like you would a tablet, you’ll never look back.

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2. Lumos – A next generation bicycle helmet

Finally, an invention that your Mother will approve of – a bicycle helmet that may just save your life!
Integrating brake and turn signal lights, Lumos effectively transforms your head into a system of alerting vehicles when you are breaking, and in which direction you are turning. It does this through a wireless remote you activate, which then triggers the turn or break signals to begin flashing on the helmet.

Also, an integrated accelerometer is included with the helmet, and senses when you begin to slow down, turning on bright red rear lights to signal to any cars behind that you’re braking.


Rather conveniently, Lumos is fitted with a rechargeable battery, and is charged by a micro USB cable – just a 10 minute charge will power the gadget for a week!

Combining technology and safety, this popular gadget is a worthwhile investment I predict to see many of them on the roads in the coming years.

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3. Solar Paper, the world’s thinnest and lightest solar charger

For the hardcore smartphone addicts out there, this nifty solar panel charger may just be the answer to your prayers, promising a full charge in just 2 and a half hours in sunny weather.

Easily transportable, the thin lightweight structure is just larger than a £20 note and can be tucked away in a book or side pocket of a rucksack, to be used in emergencies to juice up your tablet, camera or phone – basically anything that is charged with a USB cable is compatible!

For gadgets that may need more power, that’s not a problem either – just click more magnetic panels into place, enabling more power to be captured and transferred to your device.

No similar sized solar charger on the market can generate as much potential wattage as Solar Paper – so best to invest now before the project ends.

This project will be funded on Thu, Aug 20 2015 – Back it here

4. ZNAPS- the magnetic adapter for your mobile devices

A common pet hate of most smartphone users has to be the realisation, a few short months after shelling out hundreds of pounds on a top-of-the-range phone, that the charger is on its way out, and the battle to connect phone to charger is near impossible.

Now however, the good folks at znaps have put their heads together and come up with a cheap and easy solution to this problem, in the form of a £6 adapter little more than the size of a fingernail.

Attach the adapter to the end of your charger, and insert the connector into the port in your phone, snap the two together and voila! A seamless charge or data sync without the fear of snapping off the end of the charger and it being lost in your phone forever.

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5. DrinkMate – The miniature iPhone breathalyzer

When you think of cutting edge technology, it’s unlikely that you’ll think of a tiny black contraption that can easily fit in your pocket. But that’s exactly what DrinkMate is – and it could help to save thousands of lives and make roads much safer places.

After being in development for 2 years, the finished product is less than 5cm long and plugs into the charging port of iphones, giving a detailed reading of your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) on the screen. There isn’t even any need to touch the gadget with your mouth – simply blowing on the sensor.

Gone are the days of convincing yourself that you can have one more drink before the drive home- your handy DrinkMate will tell you if you’ve had one too many!

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