6 Free iPhone Apps and Games to Cure Boredom

We’ve all been there – sitting on hour-long train journeys that sometimes feel endless. Whether you’re commuting, waiting for a meeting or just sat at home with nothing to do, it’s sometimes hard to find entertaining things to do.

When you’ve people-watched, doodled on your hand and refreshed your Twitter feed 58 times within a few minutes, get on these apps. These free iPhone apps will cure your boredom within seconds – we can guarantee it.

Pop The Lock

This is one of my favourite free iPhone games of all-time, but also one of the most frustrating.

On this game your aim is simple: crack as many codes as you can without missing any sequences.

There are hundreds of levels for you to get to but be warned – it could be in the same ‘frustrate-ability’ category as Flappy Bird.

It’s easy to understand, enjoyable and possibly short-filled fun but we guarantee you’ll be addicted in no time!  

Don’t fall

Don’t Fall is another addicting, arcade-style game available for free at the App Store.

With this game you need to fill in the gaps on the route so that the ball doesn’t drop – when it drops you start again. See how far you can (literally) get the ball rolling and how long it will combat bored-ness.

It’s probably just about as frustrating as Pop The Lock but again, it’s great fun for all ages.  

The world seems to have gone mad for this game recently, with everyone seeming to jump on the hype.

The aim of the game is more complicated than the others, but still pretty easy to get your head around once you’re used to it.

You create your own dot, and play with other dots who are online players around the world. Eat other dots and grow larger. The larger you get, the more dots you can eat and the more chance you have of winning.

Of course, if it weren’t well-deserved it wouldn’t be mentioned here on the Mozbot blog. Trust us, it’s a good’en and will keep you entertained for a long time.  

Hill Climb Racing

Opposite to the other game-types we’ve mentioned, we’re also big fans of Hill Climb Racing.

The idea of the game is to drive the 4×4 up hills, down hills, across and over bridges without tipping over or running out of energy. As the game progresses, you can upgrade the car, get more special features and power-up, giving you the power to create a super-car.

Collect coins and fuels as you go and see how far you can drive. It’s harder than it sounds!

Letter Press

If word games are more your kind of thing, we’re sure that you’ll love LetterPress.

The game begins with a 5×5 grid of letters and the aim is to make a word. Find words, steal tiles and colour the board with your mark.

If you’re bored with a group of friends, there’s also the option of multiplayer. Things will probably get a little tense but we guarantee you will be addicted in no time!

The Sims

What would a game post be without featuring this ’90s gem?

The Sims have been a family favourite for years and there’s not a new way to play it- on your phone. Unlike other free iPhone games versions, you actually can play this game with minimal limitations.

Create your own town. pet stores, characters and houses with The Sims Freeplay and be entertained for hours!


There we are – 6 free iPhone games to cure any type of boredom. Have fun building your towns, popping locks and eating dots.