7 Great Twitter Accounts For Football Fans

When it comes to football, there are only a handful of Twitter accounts that we would class as ‘essential’ for a true fan to be following.

From footy teams all over the world to you local team, we have compiled a list of our favourite parody Twitter accounts for football fans that we’re sure you will love. Have fun browsing!

Footy Face Swap

Without a doubt, one of our favourite footy accounts on Twitter. This account is exactly how the name suggests – it takes two images of famous football players and swaps their faces.

You’ll click onto the page thinking “what a stupid idea, who has the time to make these?”, then spend the next couple of hours clicking through the photos.

There are photos of famous players all over the world, and even including their family members. Who thought that Cristiano Ronaldo’s face would look so weird on his son’s body?

Bruce at Wedding

As completely dull as it sounds, this is another Twitter account for football fans that we definitely recommend following.

This account is all about Hull City manager Steve Bruce at a wedding. It’s a pretty dull concept, but is surprisingly funny to browse through.

Football Cliches

Football journalist Adam Hurrey is an easy-to-read diary of typical footy talk. It has light-hearted banter for footy fans who follow all main teams in the UK, with game updates to help you follow the game if you’re not watching it.

Away Days

If you’re not lucky enough to jet across the world following your favourite team’s every game, you can get a sense of the amazing atmosphere by following Away Days.

This account is basically a collection of photos and videos of fans on away days, giving you the chance to experience the feel of the world’s most-loved stadiums.

Old School Panini

Another parody Twitter account for football fans is Old School Panini.

Do you remember the custom sticker packs you used to buy in school to swap with your mates? It was the source of most school arguments but since those days were so long ago, Old School Panini wants to remind you of the old footy player photos.

The photos included are absolutely classics – and is a bit like a footballer’s version of your old photos. It’s embarrassing for them but absolutely hilarious for you to click through!

Boring Milner

Liverpool player James Milner has been countlessly shamed as one of football’s most boring players, with many fans saying they’d rather watch paint dry.

This account takes advantage of Milner’s boring-ness, publishing tweets that are so boring, they’re actually funny.


If you’re more into light-hearted footy banter, have a browse through the Opjajoke account.

This profile is a feed of fake football stats from different leagues – probably not one to follow if you take football very seriously!


Of course, all of these profiles are just for a bit of fun. We hope you have fun browsing through our funniest Twitter accounts for football fans – just don’t start having nightmares about Louis van Gaal’s face on the Queen.