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Top 10 Smartwatch Apps to Download Right Now

One of the best Smartwatch features is the ten-thousands of Apps which are available in the Android and Apple stores. However, you probably don’t have time to scroll through hours and pages of different Apps, so here are our recommendations of the top 10 Smartwatch Apps which are available for download right now.

1. Flopsy-Droid

If you were the one of the many who were infuriated by playing endless unsuccessful hours of the game ‘Flappy Bird’ then be warned. The first game to be released for the Android Smartwatch is called yep, ’Flopsy-Droid’.

The principles are pretty much the same as its predecessor ‘Flappy Bird’ – you play as a little droid trying to avoid bumping into pipes and miscellaneous flying objects. You just have to hope no one has thrown their new smartwatch to the ground in infuriation yet.


2. Duolingo

This handy App helps you to learn a new language in a fun, dynamic way. The App works with images, spoken word and text, and even generates useful flashcards to help you remember what you’ve learned before. So far the App will help teach you Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian and Dutch. And if just one look at the feedback on the Google Play store can tell us anything so far, the App is going down a treat!  

3. Attopedia

attopedia for smartwatch Attopedia is Wikipedia’s app designed for the Android watch, it let’s you research and read up on subjects by typing on your wrist. Perhaps not as convenient as reading articles on your mobile phone, but the lovely designers have modified the App to make it as easy as possible! Simply swipe left and right to discover different sections of a Wikipedia article and swipe down for quick references! And its totally free – bargain!  

4. Wear Audio Recorder Particularly handy for those moments where you have meeting minutes or some unprepared thoughts to record. Simply hold the record button up to your mouth or up to where your audio source is coming from and press the big red button. What makes it most dynamic, is that whatever you record can be sent directly to your smartphone. Makes backing up your files easy!  

5. Find my iPhone


Undoubtably, this App is aimed at those of us who are prone to loosing our phone on a regular basis.

The App will automatically vibrate the watch when it detects that your phone has been disconnected from it. Conveniently, you can even call your phone from the watch. If only there was a way there could be an invention for our keys too…


6. Eat24

eat24 app

For those of us that love a takeaway every now and then, Eat24 makes tracking down local takeaways and restaurants easy. The App offers you lists of local eateries that support pickup or delivery orders.

The App is also very handy for keeping track of your order; See when your food is in the kitchen and when its on its way. All you need to do is recline on your sofa and wait!


7. CityMapper

For finding your way around city via public transport, whether it be the Metrolink in Manchester or bus routes in London, CityMapper has you covered. You simply set up your current destination and where you’d like to get to and the App does the work for you. On starting your journey, the App will pop up with step-by-step directions. You even have the option of travelling via jetpack… You’ll never be lost again!  

8. The 7 minute workout challenge

7 Minute Workout Watch App This App makes your everyday workout routine a hassle free experience. The easy interface allows you to pick which workout you would like to do, and provides simple timings or animations for reminding you how to do particular moves. You can also press pause and restart, which enables you to work out at your own pace.  

9. Pennies


Particularly useful for spendaholics and students. The pennies App on Apple Watch lets you type in budget plans for different spendings, like for food shopping or going out and easily tracks how much you have left and what you have to spend.

The App also incorporates traffic light colours, so you can easily tell when your funds are high or low. Budgeting made easy!


10. Rulespennies smartwatch app

Now just for fun, is brain workout App Rules. Rules provides you with a daily game challenge, which focuses on remembering rules and tapping relevant cards.

The App is super responsive and so much as one incorrect answer ends your game instantly. Harsh, but very fun!