The Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress

If you have your own blog, both you and I can probably relate to the struggle of finding the ideal social media plugin for WordPress.

Social media is rife right now and if you don’t promote your blog, website or business on them, you’re really missing out! Adding a simple plugin can be of huge benefits to your personal/commercial site – the 2 second installation can get your content viewed by so many more people (and potentially go viral!).


Cresta Social Share Counter

cresta social media plugin

Cresta’s social media plugin is also popular choice because of their different styles.

There are up to 9 styles for you to choose from and the place in which you add the icons is completely down to you. If you prefer them hovering over page content, before or after a post or even floating around the page, this is definitely the plugin for you!



sharify social media plugin

Mashshare is a slightly different social media plugin than the others we’ve listed here, in the way that it counts the amount of shares your post has & displays them on the page.

If you’re worrying about your site’s speed or are considering altering your site to make it more user-friendly, we’d definitely recommend this plugin. It has no external scripts or count data that needs to be downloaded and it works with every theme you could think of.

Users who are also protective over their privacy can even use this plugin as it doesn’t need to be logged into their accounts to work. It’s a win-win all round!


Sharify Social Share Buttons

sharify social media plugin

Sharify is a popular social media plugin as it is responsive on every device and theme.

It’s also one of the most versatile WordPress plugins because it’s so customizable. You can hide/display the social media platforms that you use and even change the colours of them, so there’s no wasted icons leaving the people on your site confused.

There are options for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest buttons, as well as ones for Reddit and email contact.


Jetpack Social Media Plugin

jetpack social media plugin

Jetpack plugins are a WordPress essential when it comes to your online website!

They’re some of the most popular plugins for WordPress and have many different uses (checking stats, etc) but we love the social media plugin that they offer.

You can activate your own sharing module and buttons, choosing the icons you want to display and the platforms that you want to link to. Choose the most popular buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Reddit, then you’re good to go!


Floating Social Bar

floating social bar social media plugin

If you’re not a fan of the typical social media plugin which sticks to one part of your site, try the floating social bar.

It’s a light-weight plugin that again, doesn’t slow-down the speed of your site and is great for users. Simply add the horizontal share bar to your blog/website and guarantee an influx of social media likes, shares and comments.


What’s your favourite social media plugin for WordPress? We’d love to know!