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Got a New Laptop for Christmas? Earn Cash Selling Your Old One

People that received a new laptop as a Christmas gift have more to look forward to than their new piece of tech: they can also trade in their old computer for cash.

Online laptop sales website Sell Your Laptop lets people exchange their old laptops for cash. The company offers free prepaid shipping for sold laptops and promises a payment by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque within 48 hours.

The newest laptops from companies like Apple and Sony can be worth hundreds of pounds on the used market, making the service a boon to people that have received new computers for Christmas.

Recipients of new laptops can value their old computers online using the company’s value calculator and receive an instant quote. Computers are sent to the company by post and appraised and examined for faults by an expert technical team.

Laptops are an increasingly popular Christmas gift, alongside tablets and other tech devices. After receiving a new laptop, many people let their old computer sit unused in a closet or storage cupboard, ignoring the fact that it’s still a valuable item.

Sell Your Laptop even buys damaged or broken laptops. The company salvages old, working parts from damaged or non-functional laptops, offering a fair price to their owners in exchange for the damaged technology.

In accordance with UK and EU data privacy laws, the company wipes all data from the second hand laptops it buys, ensuring new customers never have access to any of the previous owner’s files or information.

Did you get a new laptop for Christmas? If your old laptop spends most of its time in storage unused thanks to its new replacement, selling it is a simple way to earn cash and gain some spending money for 2016.