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Softwares for Safer Internet Browsing

Safe internet browsing can be hard to come across, and the amount of scams and malware-hosting domains can hinder your whole experience.

Although the internet is one of the best things that has even been created, it’s important for you to know who is tracking your visits, cookies and reading your data on the sites you visit.

Here are our top 5 pieces of software, plugins and extensions that can help you have a safer Internet browsing experience:

Hola Better Internet

hola better internet

For TV series fanatics who want to watch their favourite US TV shows but can’t find a good enough virus-free site to watch them on, Hola is a great Chrome extension to have installed.

Hola gives you the chance to act as if you’re in another country by connecting to a VPN in cities around the world. If there’s a site you want to access that isn’t available in the UK or is banned by your company/school, Hola is the best way to get around it.

It’s the fastest way to grant yourself access to websites and is also ad-free… You can’t go wrong!

Abine Blur

This is a relatively new piece of software on our radar but a great one nonetheless.

Blur is a privacy app that protects passwords, emails, phone activity and credit card information when browsing the internet. It provides you with a tool that lets you decide who views your personal information with the option of eliminating any websites receiving your personal information.

Masking your email address is available, as well as use of the ‘strong password maker’. You’re even able to auto-fill web forms instantly to save time when web browsing!


ghostery internet extension

As the name suggests, this nifty piece of software gives consumers the chance to appear completely transparent on the internet.

The app is trusted by some of the world’s largest companies and enables you to know who is tracking you on every webpage you visit. Decide who can access your data for a faster, more private, and more satisfying digital experience.

HTTPS Everywhere

We all know that you shouldn’t purchase things through domains without a HTTPS secure certificate but sometimes, you may have no choice.

HTTPS Everywhere is an extension available on Chrome, Firefox and Opera that aims to find safer and securer versions of the sites you’re looking to purchase items from.

The extension is an essential for popular online shoppers, regardless of any other plugins you may have already installed.


adblock internet

The classic Adblock plugin is known by everyone, but it isn’t just good for preventing those stupid adverts before you’re about to watch a video.

Adblock gives you the chance to prevent pop-up adverts on sites you visit, as well as stopping you from visiting malware-hosting domains and third party scripts.

The Chrome extension definitely improves your overall Internet browsing experience – we couldn’t be without it!


What is your favourite extension to use when browsing the Internet?